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Our community is a fun filled place where you can come and hang out or talk about things you wanna talk about in particular wether that be games, the Guilds in mmos, Rping threads that u wanna do with friends or how your day has been. we hope you join us and if you don't that's okay. its really nice that you checked us out, so until next time we hope you'll visit again soon.

We are here too have fun, Rpg and talk that's just who we are. Its How we live <3

    Guild Rules


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    Guild Rules Empty Guild Rules

    Post  blackcat_100201 on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:29 pm

    *** No Begging

    *** Cussing is allowed but Do NOT over do it.

    *** Respect our captains and sub-captains there word is Law

    *** If you feel that a Subcaptain is breaking the rules or is being unfair write me and i'll have a long discussion with them and if they do not change if they are in the wrong then i will take care of it!

    *** We do NOT promote kill stealing

    *** We do NOT promote selling Cards for money!

    *** We Will NOT aggravate or harass other intentionally (though it may happen sometimes.) No Harassment in other Words

    *** We respect everyone no matter there beliefs or backgrounds

    *** We May do power lvling however Do NOT beg for a power lvl also on top of that i just wanta say this much! if you are power lvl'd thous that are power lvling u will train you! Listen too there wise words of advise we are here too help u guys not let u get away with having a high lvl and not know what the hell you are doing.

    *** u will get 3 warnings any more than that and i will boot you myself if i hafta

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