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    Curious abou DDO?


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    Curious abou DDO? Empty Curious abou DDO?

    Post  blackcat_100201 on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:47 am

    Curious abou DDO? Pbucket

    heh! if you want a game that's not as crazy as WOW but one you can do endless killing and infact one you can do the same dungeon over and over again on different levels if you wanted then this games for you. its graphics are fairly nice and me being a D&D fan i really enjoyed the game itself it sticks too the 3- 3.5 versions of D&D and i really enjoy that about it.

    Yes... its another Free mmo but the game itself though it may not seem very appealing when you first look at it is actually surprisingly fun and the setup itself is really easy too follow once you get the hang of it that is. again... you can customize your character in this game and those not all the classes are open too you unlike PW or Shayia you can eventually unlock them in game with the tokens you are given over time.

    this game isn't for everyone but its a game you hafta play too understand how fun it is and that doesn't mean judge it before trying it believe me i tried that a few times and well... i feel rather stupid that i did that.

    DDO Link (Click Me!!!)

    anyways... its a good game lots of fun and lots of randomness in drops and killing.

    Curious abou DDO? Pbucket

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