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    Rules for DDO thread


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    Rules for DDO thread Empty Rules for DDO thread

    Post  blackcat_100201 on Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:31 pm

    Rules for DDO thread Hearts

    We love our games its a part of who being a gamer is however like all threads out there i hafta put down some sort of rules so here we go.

    IF you are talking about the games and the likes:

    * i ask that you be polite if people are asking for help or if they are looking for friends or the likes chit chat have fun and most of all lets not be assholes about stupid crap.useful

    *2ndly if you have any sights that may help people then this is the place too post them i know that some people are lazy and don't like looking everything up on Google or the wiki pages... i can understand alot of them can be absolutely confusing at times. anyways if you aren't lazy you can post your links or answer questions for peoples your choice entirely.

    IF you are Rping:

    * if you aren't gonna keep it Pg13 at least write a warning in the topic you create so that we know how graphic you are all gonna post stuff. so if its getting down too sex scenes and the first post says that you aren't allowed too do things like that and only a time skip then respect that persons wishes i understand there is such a thing as too much but still respect the topic creators

    * If you are A rusher at least try too write things out and no one liners that drives people crazy its also extremely hard too write for. a good recommendation take the time too write out details that'll make your post more drawn out and Don't Rush it its aggravating seriously people just don't go from just meeting too lovers who can't stand too be away from one another in real life?

    I'll update this later if there's more stuff i feel i need too add.

    Rules for DDO thread Hearts

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