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    Diablo 3 Is Out YAY!


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    Diablo 3 Is Out YAY! Empty Diablo 3 Is Out YAY!

    Post  blackcat_100201 on Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:42 am

    if anyone here is awaiting Diablo 3's big announcement i'm happy too say its out and i can vouch for it myself its pritty Awsome as always i'm happy about the grafics and storyline is amazing as always if u have playied the first 2 diablos then this game is a must see i know you will all like it espasally if u liked the first 2. i know i did.

    About my only complaints about the game is that you need internet in order too play but unfortinutly thats how most games are these days. LOL!

    Diablo 3 Is Out YAY! Pbucket

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