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    Rules For Dragons Horde


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    Rules For Dragons Horde Empty Rules For Dragons Horde

    Post  blackcat_100201 on Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:59 pm

    Rules For Dragons Horde Pbucket

    We love our Artists they make us smile they make us laugh and cry this spot right here is entitled for them as such these are the rules.

    *All sorts of Art is appreciated wether that be fan based or the likes.

    *DO NOT steal peoples artworks

    *Don't lay into people about how shatty there art may be if they are as its hurtful and not too mention rude.

    *Comments are appreciated and polite critizim are are always loved however if your being rude about it and hurtful there will be penalty's i assure you on that.

    If I update this rule list i will let u all know.

    Rules For Dragons Horde Pbucket

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